4 X Lil-Lets Applicatore Tamponi Super Plus Extra 14S


Price: 99 - EUR 31

Multi Pack, Money Saving inserzione consisting of 4 X Lil Lets applicatore tamponi Super Plus Extra 14S. Compact applicatore for easy inserimento Whisper Wrappers Discreet Packaging Perfect for your Bathroom Superior Comfort and Protection applicatore tamponi gently Expand Sideways for complete Protection We Are Women… We Are Lil di Lets Lil di Lets Range includes tamponi, molti, fodere and our Teens Products Lite – Very Light to light Flow Regular – Light to Medium Flow Super – Medium to Heavy Flow Super Plus – Heavy Flow Super Plus Extra – Very Heavy FlowCompatte applicatore per un inserimento Whisper Wrappers….. ssshhhhh discreta imballaggio perfetto per il bagno Superior Comfort e protezione