ikoo, Styling spazzola Paddle X Metallic, Baby Doll


Price: 80 - EUR 28

Ikoo Brush women’s paddlebrush by the serie Paddle X Metallics in baby doll color, perfect for blow drying and styling.
It offers ikoo functions of unraveling and simultaneous massage. Optimize your blow-hair styling by using either side of the brush to either remove excess hot blow-out air or direct the warm airflow to a hairline. Protect your hair and its structure from too much heat. The result is silky and healthy looking hair.

– Paddlebrush for blow drying and stylings
– Composition: Acrylic and premium-quality resin, metal box
– Color: Baby doll
– Remove excess hot blow-out air
– Direct warm airflow
– Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 2 cm