SofN’Free Curl Activator Lozione con Vitamina E e pantenolo – 2 in 1 Activator


Price: 90 - EUR 16

This special blend of Vitamin E and Panthenol Protein eliminates the need for separate activators and moisturizer. 2 in 1 Curl Activator Lotion activates and moisturizes curls in one easy step. Suitable for natural curls and permed hairThis effective lotion rejuvenates and restores your curls, leaving them silky smooth and soft. It also conditions and stimulates healthy hair growth and prevents dryness. It’s ideal for those days when your curls need more than moisture spray. Use with Curly Perm Gel ActivatorSof N Free Curl Lotion with Vitamin E and Panthenol 2-in-1 Activator 750 ml